Sweet Something

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"In The Parlor" is Sweet Something's very first EP. It includes 5 original songs: single-take recordings with minimal editing. It has been a whirlwind musical romance since the band formed in September of 2018. We opted for a simple, no frills sounds, recording live in a historic DC home. "In The Parlor" is honest, unembellished, and authentically us.


Sweet Something


Sweet Something is an up and coming DC band with an intimate soulful sound - mixing retro Jazz lounge vibes with a contemporary flare, Latin and Soul influences, charismatic piano playing, and sultry vocals. For lead vocalist and songwriter Ariana Harbin, the end of one band in 2018 sparked the opportunity for a more inspired musical project. With double bassist Ricardo Herrera and newly found piano guru Kayla Matteucci in tow, the fast-growing Sweet Something was born.

Sweet Something was formed in September of 2018, and released their first EP titled “In The Parlor” in February of 2019.

Vocals / Ariana Harbin
Keyboard / Kayla Matteucci
Double Bass / Ricardo Herrera



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About US

a “candid” shot at the dc house where we recorded our EP, “In The Parlor.” photography by Larry Ryba

a “candid” shot at the dc house where we recorded our EP, “In The Parlor.” photography by Larry Ryba


The Band

This eclectic, DC based Jazz group of diverse musicians seek to soothe your senses. When one musical project ended, these four musicians immediately picked up the pieces and created Sweet Something. It seemed that it was no coincidence these unique, talented individuals came together and bonded over their mutual love for Jazz and a fondness for all things old-timey.


“Versatile, and silky-smooth.” “Reminiscent of a young Etta James.” “An amazing voice and presence.” These are just a few observations of the frontwoman, Ariana, of Alexandria, Virginia. Music has always been the love of her life, along with all things retro. Ariana found her roots in gospel and spiritual music, and performed with various choirs in the DC area before fronting the short-lived, but locally popular blues and swing band, The Gin Rickys. Her muses are the vocal queens of yesteryear - Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Julie London, Etta Jones, Bessie Smith, yet she also draws inspiration from kings of soul - Ray Charles, Sam Cooke. Audiences can expect to be soothed and captivated by her performances.


Kayla Matteucci hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she first fell in love with the blues after years as a classical musician. She is a pianist, songwriter, and recent DC transplant. She played in local jazz and alternative groups in New Mexico. After leaving home to move to New York City, she played solo shows in Manhattan and Spain. She is influenced by jazz and blues icons like Nina Simone, Joe Cocker, Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, and especially the late Stevie Ray Vaughan.


Ricardo Herrera is a versatile musician whose origins come from Classical and Latin music. He brings his own unique style of playing, along with his dependable rhythm to the group. His experience includes performing as Assistant Principal Bassist with the Frederick Symphony Orchestra, and the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra. His most recent influences are Adam Ben Ezra, Motown bassist James Jamerson, and the late flugelhornist Clark Terry.